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Born out of necessity in 1937, Ray-ban has been at the leading edge of developing high quality sunglasses to protect pilots from the sun’s harsh rays. Since then, Ray-Ban has been the eyewear of choice for visionaries and cultural creators everywhere to express their fearless and most authentic selves.

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On since 1937.

You know the shape, but do you know the story? In 1937, the Aviator was born with a purpose: to protect US fighter pilots against the sun’s sharp rays. Forever connected to the heroes of the past, over the decades the Aviator has flown alongside those with their sights set on the sky.

Timeless design meets brave boundless spirit. With the Aviator, the heroes of the past and the high-flyers of today raise expectations higher and further than ever.

The original G15 glare-free lenses were designed to ban rays - where Ray-Ban gets its name. Today the iconic style is combined with all kinds of legendary lenses.

The unmistakable tear-drop lenses give a wider field of vision and boundless horizons.

Värv Havana
Sugu Unisex
Kuju Aviator
Suurus 58
Materjal Plastic
Polarized Ei

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